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The Train

The Ultimate in Rail Luxury

When it comes to luxurious rail travel, the Royal Canadian Pacific offers the finest experience in the world. Step aboard our fleet of Canadian Pacific Railway vintage carriages for the ultimate in luxury rail vacations.

Our Heritage

Our fleet of fully restored vintage Canadian Pacific Railway carriages were built between 1916 and 1931. The silver settings, brass fittings, burled tables, brocade chairs, wall paneling of Circassian walnut and bird’s eye maple imported from Russia, and open vestibules are the pinnacle of a bygone tradition of elegance. Subtly add all the modern amenities the discerning traveler would expect along with exceptional gourmet cuisine, fine wines and unsurpassed hospitality and service, and you are presented with the Royal Canadian Pacific.

Royal Canadian Pacific is owned and operated by Mount Stephen Properties Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Railway Company.
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